2020 Cultural Fund Awards & Grants successful recipients

We're proud of the contribution researchers, writers and publishers make to this country. Thanks to all who submitted their applications.

CLNZ Contestable Fund Grants 2020
There were 10 successful recipients announced on 12 November. The selection panel received 72 applications and reported that it was great to see applicants adapting to the COVID-19 world and looking for new ways to engage with audiences, with lots of different and new perspectives in the projects. Read more here >>

CLNZ/NZSA Writers' Award 2020
The successful recipient for 2020 is Nick Bollinger for his project Revolutions Per Minute: The Counterculture in New Zealand 1960-1975. 45 applications were submitted this year and the selection panel said "his writing is accessible and punchy, and his intention and dedication to complete the project is obvious". Read more here >>

CLNZ/NZSA Research Grants 2020
The four successful recipients of 2020 are Fraser Smith, Vasanti Unka, Elizabeth Cox and Wystan Curnow. The selection panel
received 55 applications and reported that the field was hugely diverse and interesting. Read more here >>

Special Round of Contestable Fund Grants 2020
In order to support the industry due to COVID-19, earlier this year we released a released a special fund of $120,000 for short-term projects that could be started straight away and completed by the end of September this year. Funding contributions were made to 13 projects across New Zealand. Read more here >>

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