Contestable funding FAQs

What you need to know to apply

If you’re working on a project that aims to make a positive impact on New Zealand writing and publishing then read on and think about applying for CLNZ contestable funding.

You’ve got until 20 November to apply! Download the application form and guidelines here

Who can apply?
New Zealand citizens, permanent residents and New Zealand-based organisations.

What if I want to apply with another person or organisation?
Great! We welcome collaborative applications. Just make sure you name one party as a lead applicant to make it easier for us to communicate with you once we’ve received your application form.

What funding is available?
We need you to tell us – based on the scale and reach of your project – what funding your project requires. You’ll need to include a project budget in your application and demonstrate that the amount you seek is reasonable. You’ll also need to show us that you’ve taken into account any contributions from partners or other funders.

The total available pool of funding is NZ$60,000.

What sort of projects are eligible?
A broad range of projects could be eligible! To gain funding a project needs to:

  • align with the objectives of the CLNZ Cultural Fund (take a look here)
  • have clearly defined and measureable project outcomes

Can you give me some examples?
Yes! Projects that demonstrate a positive impact on New Zealand writing and publishing (and of course align with the Cultural Fund objectives) will be considered. Examples include projects that aim to:

  • develop the professional skills of writers
  • grow export markets for New Zealand published content
  • demonstrate innovation in the creation and distribution of NZ published content
  • use online platforms to enhance the profile of New Zealand publishing and/or published content, including to international/export markets

How many projects will be awarded contestable funding?
The number of projects awarded funding will vary from year-to-year. It will depend on the individual merits of the applications received and the recommendations of the CLNZ Cultural Fund Panel.

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