Understanding Copyright

  • What is copyright?

    What is copyright?

    We hear the term used all the time, but what does it actually mean?
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  • Ownership of copyright

    Ownership of copyright

    Under the Copyright Act 1994, the author of an original work is usually the first owner of copyright in that work.
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  • Copyright exceptions

    Copyright exceptions

    Copyright is not only about author rights. Copyright balances the right of authors to choose how their creations are used, with society’s interest in allowing people to access and use works of intellectual or creative endeavour.
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  • eLearning Copyright Basics

    eLearning Copyright Basics

    If you’re working or studying in secondary or tertiary education then you need to be aware of copyright. In just 45 minutes our e-learning modules can provide you with a comprehensive practical understanding of copyright in New Zealand.
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  • Knowledge Base

    Knowledge Base

    Visit our knowledge base to find accessible, comprehensive, up-to-date copyright information. We currently offer in-depth guides for publishers, teaching staff, researchers, and students who work in tertiary and secondary education.
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  • Resources


    We have created these useful guides, videos and downloads to explain the ins and outs of various aspects of copyright.
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