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Does your business need a copyright licence?

If you intend to copy, scan or share printed material with staff that you didn’t create yourself, chances are you need a CLNZ Commercial Licence. Sounds serious, but fortunately it’s simple.

We have a cost effective licensing package to suit your needs.

Your business needs easy access to information, however, making multiple copies from printed sources often requires permission from the copyright owner.

The CLNZ Commercial Licence is a time-saving and cost-effective way of securing instant permission, in advance, to photocopy from published material including books, journals and magazines. Not only does it give you increased legal protection but you also gain the assurance that the copyright owners will be paid when their work is copied.

A CLNZ Commercial Licence enables your business to:

  • Gain advanced permission from publishers to copy, scan and share their work
  • Minimise the risk of copyright infringement
  • Maximise your current and any future resources

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