Copyright licensing Copyright licensing

Useful Facts

The basic principle of copyright, and your obligations can be distilled down reasonably simply.

1. Copyright applies automatically when something is published.

In NZ, you don’t need to register it like you do a trademark or patent.

2. The © symbol only acts as a reminder.

Even when the © is not displayed, COPYRIGHT STILL APPLIES.

3. EVERYTHING that is published, is protected by copyright including:

  • Print material – books, journals, magazines, newspapers
  • Computer programmes
  • Dramatic performances – mime, plays, dance, film scenario & scripts
  • Music – compositions and sheet music
  • Art – everything from paintings, drawings, photos through to maps and diagrams
  • Page layouts – including print and web pages

4. Copyright lasts more than a life time.

In New Zealand, copyright on literary, dramatic, artistic and musical works is in place for the lifetime of the creator of the material, and up to 50 years after their death.



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