Copyright licensing Copyright licensing

Authors & Publishers

CLNZ represents the rights of authors and publishers by:

  • providing licences for the reproduction of extracts from books, journals and periodicals
  • distributing licensing fees collected to copyright owners in accordance with CLNZ's Distribution Policy.
  • encouraging respect for copyright and working to reduce copyright abuse
  • taking action against copyright infringement
  • having reciprocal agreements with overseas RROs
  • supporting local content creation through Awards & Grants

CLNZ is jointly owned by the NZ Society of Authors and the Publishers Association of New Zealand. Our licensing services are supported by agreements with the majority of New Zealand publishers (and through them authors).

For more information read our Copyright Owners Brochure.

How we pay copyright owners

We’re focussed on helping owners of creative content earn a living from their work. The revenue we collect from licensing, after operating costs, is distributed to the owners of the works copied.

  • for more information on how we distribute the money we collect from licensing, take a look at our Distribution Policy.

  • how do we know what is being copied? Read about our data collection proces

What happens when a New Zealand copyright owner’s work is copied overseas?

We have reciprocal agreements with many overseas organisations like ours (reproduction rights organisations or RROs). This means that if you’re a New Zealand copyright owner and your publication is copied overseas in a country that has an agreement with us, the local RRO will send the funds to us and we will distribute these back to you.

Find out which organisations and countries we have agreements with here.

ALCS distribution to authors

While our general distribution of monies to copyright owners is made once a year, we also make additional distributions on behalf of the UK-based Author’s Licensing and Collecting Society Ltd (ALCS). We have an agreement with ALCS to act as their agent and receive and distribute royalties collected and held by ALCS where these are due to New Zealand writers.

Sometimes it is difficult to track down the writer to whom an ALCS payment is due. To help us contact the correct person, we sometimes publish the names of the writers we are looking to make ALCS payments to in our author and publisher newsletter, Copy. Write. You can sign up to receive Copy. Write, on our home page here.